A frequent issue that I work with in my practice is the emotion of overwhelm.

 It needs little explanation as most of us have experienced it during our lives but it has become more and more common. This may be due in part to the speed with which we now can accomplish various tasks using ever evolving modern technology. We expect more of ourselves as a result and more is expected of us! 

From an energetic perspective this emotional state often involves the small intestine meridian

On the physical level we know that the small intestine plays a major role in our digestive system, breaking down and absorbing nutrients from our food before it goes to the large intestine. 

 Similarly, on the emotional level the small intestine resonates with our ability to sort, process and prioritise the activities of our lives. When we are feeling divided and pulled in many directions, in a panic or indecisive about making a decision, unable to prioritise, delegate or completely release certain tasks, this inevitably leads to overwhelm.

What can you do?

In energy medicine we work with specific Neurovascular Points on the head to bring energy, blood, oxygen and cerebrospinal fluid back in to the brain and to reprogramme the stress response.

  1. Rub your hands together and shake them off. Lightly cover your forehead with one hand and place the other hand across the top of the head.

Use a gentle, light touch. Be as physically relaxed as you can be, for example, lie down with arms supported as necessary or sit at a table with elbows resting on it.

Face view of woman's head with one hand covering her forehead and the other hand covering the top of her head .
  1. Bring to mind all the feelings and thoughts associated with the state of overwhelm. Sink into it. 

After perhaps 10 – 15 minutes you may find your mind wandering as it becomes more difficult to connect to the stress. You may feel heat at the forehead. 

  1. At this point, switch your attention to feelings of clarity, discernment and decisiveness. You may be able to access these regarding the present stress or otherwise remember a time in the past when you were feeling very clear. If this is difficult, use your imagination as to how life would look without the overwhelm.

Explore these new feelings with as many senses as you can in your imagination. For example, how does your body feel? Is there a colour that you associate with clarity and discernment? If so, breathe it in. 

Hold here for as long as feels right. You will know when the process is complete. 

You may repeat this as often as is necessary.

If you would like to know more about reprogramming the stress response, I will be teaching the use of the various Neurovascular Points with regard to the full range of our human emotions in the Level 1 Fundamentals training beginning in May 2023. 

Please visit the ‘classes’ section of this website for more information and, of course, you may contact me directly.

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But this is the moment we have been waiting for.

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