Five Modalities

Discover my five modalities of wellness below: Eden Energy Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Middle Eastern Dance, and Foundation Training.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is based on the deep listening of how nature heals.

The practical approach taken by my school Craniosacral & Polarity Associates of Montreal is based on the work and insights of Dr. William Sutherland, and on the writings of Franklyn Sills on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Dr. Sutherland realized early in his work that a rhythmic motion is characteristic of all the body’s fluids and tissues, and that human beings are connected and nourished by the rhythmic forces of the surrounding universe.

These rhythmic forces are always present in us through our life from conception to the end. They create, maintain and heal our bodies. They are expressed in the body through the fluids. As long as these rhythmic motions can manifest freely, health manifests strongly. The basis of the way we work is listening to these rhythms and creating conditions in which they can manifest.

A very gentle “butterfly” touch is used. The therapist ‘listens’ deeply, using their hands, to the fluctuations of the cerebral spinal fluid within the craniosacral system.

The client’s system is encouraged to access its resources, offering new choices and possibilities for the system at every level. Our own inner healing power is thus activated. Your inner wisdom, depth and pace of healing is honoured at all times.

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is the ideal stress reducing treatment for anyone who is suffering from aching shoulders, a tight neck, headaches, eye strain, insomnia or poor concentration.

The use of organic, virgin vegetable oil in the treatment of the scalp can have a strong influence on the strength, lustre and health of your hair.
Due to the increase in blood flow to the hair follicles, hair growth is increased.

Part of the treatment is to be able to diagnose and balance the state of the chakras. Each chakra, or energy vortex, corresponds to a different gland and governs specific parts of the physical body and areas of psychological and spiritual development.

Assisting these areas to remain in balance is a highly effective way of staying in good health.

It is a safe, simple, very effective therapy renowned for relieving symptoms of stress.

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  • $125 – 90 minutes.

Please note that Ontario HST (13%) may be applicable.

Middle Eastern Dance

In its true form this dance is a spiritual dance. It requires a deep connection with the music, listening with the body and using natural movements ranging from the hips and pelvis, through the diaphragm and chest all the way up to the head. These skills build over time and your own unique timeline is honoured and understood.

Our hips are designed to gently sway as we walk and our bellies to be soft as well as taut. Middle Eastern dance helps us to reconnect with our physical body, with our essential femininity and with our sensuality.

It is important for our young girls to see more mature women comfortable in their body, regardless of shape and size and to see that every body is capable of beautiful movement that has grace and ease. This is why women of all ages dance together.

Middle Eastern dance marks special times in women’s lives such as birth, puberty and marriage and is used to help relieve various heightened emotional states including anxiety, depression and frustration. It is an excellent form of exercise, including during pregnancy and the post-partum period.

Through the practice of this dance, a rare opportunity is provided in which we can calm our mind and fully lose ourselves in the rhythm and movements of the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an athlete to do this?

No! Whether you are young or old, have limited mobility or are an active athlete Foundation Training is designed to be adaptable to your individual needs.

My eldest student was 94 years old!

Is equipment needed?

No. F.T. simply relies on your bodyweight , movement and breathing.

It can be done anywhere, anytime in just a few minutes a day.

Where can I learn more?

Does this replace my yoga, running or current exercise programme?

No. F.T. is designed to support you to continue to do the hobbies, sports and exercises that you love, for as long as you desire.

Why does it work?

  • Your torso, pelvis and backside strengthen.
  • Your hips reclaim their intended role as the epicentre of movement.
  • Your spine decompresses and space opens throughout your torso.
  • Your breathing capacity and oxygen levels increase.
  • Your muscles learn to correctly support your structure and posture improves.
  • Your whole body becomes integrated and moves more efficiently.


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