The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is an essential part of any treatment programme that wishes to support the highest, healthiest expression of ourselves.

Part of my service is to teach my clients and students how to take care of their energies on a daily basis.

Here you can find useful videos and common protocols.

The Daily Energy Routine

The first step is to do the Daily Energy Routine. This is a group of exercises collected together by Donna Eden after over thirty years of working with clients.They cover the most common imbalances found and this routine helps to bring them back into balance. They can be done in any order and any particular exercise can be done on its own.

Energy forms habits so it can take time and patience to integrate new patterns. These exercises are cumulative; building in strength and resilience the more we do them. As we do them, we are speaking to our body in its own language – the language of energy!

Try doing it to music, outside in Nature, under the sun, in the moonlight, barefoot in the grass!

Use your imagination…

DER with Donna Eden

DER with Prune Harris

Spooning the Feet

This helps to balance your polarity and helps you to ground your energies.

Use a stainless steel or mixed alloy spoon (but not silver).

Begin by stretching your feet from heel to toe and across the width of the tops of your feet.

Rub along the ‘gaits’ on the tops of your feet. This is the area between the metacarpal bones. Rub with comfortable pressure towards your toes. Twist and pull off your toes.

Now using your spoon, rub the soles of your feet all over. This can be done in figure 8 patterns or any way that feels good. Your feet can be bare or socked. Use comfortable pressure.

Repeat on both feet.

If you know you are having chronic polarity/grounding issues, spoon your spine as well, wherever you can comfortably reach. A long handled serving spoon does a good job!

Working with Sedating and Strengthening Acupressure Points

Often we work with these points to help balance meridian energies and their associated organs and/or systems.

Refer to the points of the meridian that we are working with on the acupressure point chart. I will have emailed this to you separately.

In this photo the 1st pair of points for strengthening Spleen, Spleen 2 and Heart 8, are being held on the left foot and left hand simultaneously.

You will notice that there is a 1st pair of points and 2nd pair of points ( a.k.a. Control Points).

Make sure you can be comfortable and relaxed as you hold the points. Use cushions to support you as needed.

Starting with the 1st pair of points, hold them on the same side of the body, for example the left foot and the left hand.
Use your middle fingers to hold the points, if possible.
Use a light touch.
Hold for between 3 and 5 minutes.

Repeat on the other side of the body using the same 1st pair of points.

To stabilise the movement of energy that you have just facilitated, hold the 2nd pair of points on one side of the body.
Repeat on the other side.
Hold these for 2 minutes.

You’re done!

Repeat as directed.