What’s all the fuss about being grounded?

I would like to begin by sharing with you my experience after I gave birth to my first child.

She was long awaited. I had actually been anticipating having a baby since the age of three. Yes, three years old! My many dolls were my babies and I cared for them as if they were real, as much as a three year old could!

Another powerful memory is when a family friend came to stay with us for a couple of weeks with her newborn baby. When they left I felt empty with a longing for that baby or a baby of my own. I was eleven years old.

As much as I wanted a child, I knew that I would know when the time was right. That would not be until seventeen years later when I was twenty-eight. Meanwhile I started training as a midwife but this didn’t work out and finally I trained as an elementary school teacher.

I share this background with you as I think it is relevant to the magnitude of my later experience.

Fast forward to February 8th 1993. After a very long but natural labour, my daughter was born. There are no adequate words but I will try:

  • I was beyond elated.
  • I fell deeply in love and I felt HUGE – the size of the Universe. I felt connected to absolutely EVERYTHING. I didn’t sleep for the first five days after the birth and felt so energised that I thought that I no longer needed to sleep! All my insecurities, my shyness, my questions about life, vanished.
  • I felt that I had been initiated into a universal tribe – “motherhood”. Why hadn’t anyone told me? What a secret! 
  • My husband was made redundant. This was not a problem for me, as I knew we would be fine. In fact, as I told him, he would have the chance to spend precious time with our baby too. How lucky we were!
  • My world glowed. I had finally arrived. Colours were more intense, music, food, nature, were so sweet, so alive – all my senses were heightened. My insides, my cells, were smiling, dancing. Finally, I fitted into my skin. I felt magnanimous, peacefully powerful.

Rock solid. 




Heaven on Earth.

Now, looking back some thirty years later, I know I was the most grounded, the most connected that I have ever been. There are levels of being grounded and that so far, has been my ultimate. You may be wondering if it lasted forever? No, it didn’t but it lasted a long time – many months. I have not felt such an intensity, such rapture in my connection since then.

The closest I can get is to be in Mother Nature; for me, the wilder the better with as many of my senses engaged in it as possible and, of course, being in love, resting in the love of all that I appreciate … and yes, I still love babies.

So when you hear the term ‘grounded’, think ‘connected’. What connects you to our world? Where do you feel at peace and yet in your power? Where do you fill your skin and beyond, becoming one with your environment?

If you know the answer – lucky you. Connect often.

If you don’t know – lucky you. You have the most beautiful experience awaiting you. I encourage you to listen to your heart, explore and ‘connect’.

Flying starts from the ground.
The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.

J.R. Rim

In my work I balance the many grounding, connecting pathways that we have. I have been taught to test to see if they are open and balanced and I can teach you how to both test and balance them yourself. Then you can go,  grow your ground and soar the heights!