Can energy therapies help me?

As Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” 

People come to see me for many reasons, from dealing with the stresses of our daily lives which may show up as insomnia and various types of body pain, emotional and mental health issues such as depression and grief, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder all the way to life threatening issues such as autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Why is this?

It is because every issue and aspect of us and our world have an energetic aspect.

In our body and beyond, our energies are a world of communication, of relationship and they support the flow of our very life force.

Energy has many characteristics, for example, its flows and patterns, its need for space to move and its responses to other people and our environment. These, in turn, support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Our varied, busy modern lives can affect our energy systems both positively and negatively. We know this well.

Daily Balance

I have been trained to track and test these energetic properties and the beauty and power of my training is that I can share powerful tools with you so that you can do this for yourself on a daily basis.

Energy forms habits and this is often why any treatment may only have a temporary, positive effect.

A daily rebalancing is very often required to support our energies to once again uphold our original template of health.

Your body carries an intelligence that exceeds the understanding of your intellect

Eden energy medicine


I truly am forever indebted to my teachers that have given me the gift of energy medicine and how to work and play with the body! 

I have been able to overcome my own health challenges and be a facilitator in the healing journey of thousands of clients.

These include Andrea Axt Ph.D (Craniosacral Therapy), Amarjeet  Bhamra (Indian Head Massage), Maria Garcia (Moroccan ‘Chaabi’ Belly Dancing), Dr. Eric Goodman (Foundation Training) and, since 2015,  I have been studying with Donna Eden and her faculty (Eden Energy Medicine). These last years of training have brought my services to a new level; I am able to track and test over 11 different energy systems and offer tools to my clients to literally put their healing in their own hands.

Thank you to my clients and my colleagues who are my constant teachers; each of us is a unique expression of the foundational principles of energy. They continue to show me the infinite ways that our miraculous bodies seek balance and healing.

Learning is an on-going process; energy medicine is the present, past and future of health. We are in the process of reclaiming ancient practice whilst working with an ever evolving world and our multi-level responses to that. 

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